Monday, 28 February 2011

Nearly March already!!

I've been slack on the old blogging but I'm going to try and get back into it again.

So, what's been happening?

Social life is a lot better and I think I've been out nearly every Friday since the beginning of the year.

Love life- The less said about that the better...

Work- Still doing volunteer work one day a week and quite like it. I'd love to find a paid job with good hours but they're as rare as the elusive Mr Right.

Diet and exercise- I gave in and bought a wii so have been using the wii fit up to 4 times a week with a friend. We have done a few Davina dvds as well and been out jogging a couple of times. Food wise, I just love food too much. I'm good for a while then think stuff it. My weight has been up and down by only 3-4lbs and I'm not 'overweight'. My reason for losing weight is to feel better in myself. I don't feel any different to be honest and although that's very frustrating sometimes, it's also a way of accepting myself for what I am. I've been a lot lighter and still not been happy with myself. I don't think people like me for how thin I am or not. Perhaps if I could get some clothes that actually fit me properly and flatter me that would help a lot to feeling better? I really don't know...

Skin- not having a good time with it right now. The products that have been working are now reacting with my skin. So I'm on the hunt for new stuff to try. Right now No7 seems to be ok *fingers crossed*. I've heard a lot of good things about Lush Dream Cream, so I'm going to get some of that this week to try. If anyone has any recs for problem skin please let me know.

On a happy note, my friends cat had three healthy kittens a couple of weeks ago. I was there to witness the birth! They are so cute and I am extremely tempted to have one. One step closer the the crazy cat woman status ;)

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