Tuesday, 31 August 2010

OOOOOO, my first blog award :)

So according to the rules I have to post who gave me the award which was Lou (blog here) and Sarah (blog here). Thank you ladies :)

Then I have to post 10 things I love.

So in no particular order-

1. My bed
2. Cheese
3. My laptop
4. Cats
5. Dog the Bounty Hunter
6. Old VW Beetles
7. Cups of tea
8. Drunken dancing
9. Random text messages
10. Spending money

Next I have to pass the award on to 10 other Blogs I read regularly and notify them. I only actually follow 7 other blogs right now though so they will have to do!

1. Life According To Lou

2. Sugar & Spice

3. Diary of a (sometimes) mad Tekkencat!

4. My Life in Words...

5. Mum's Monkey

6. Slightly South of Sanity

7. Modesty Brown

Back on the wagon (again)

I've decided today is the day that I jump back on the diet wagon. I'd really like to lose a stone but half a stone will do for now. I know what I need to do- eat less and move more. Sounds simple doesn't it? It's not though!

From today I will-

Eat a healthy breakfast

Go out for a walk or bike ride

Lay off the junk! This is a tough one but if I don't buy any and it's not in the house, I can't eat it.

Make healthy and nutritious meals. I can cook but I'm a lazy cow that would rather shove something in the oven while I play on the computer. Not any more!

Not sit on my backside all day watching tv or on the computer. I'm begininning to feel like my whole life is on cyberspace. It's time to get back to reality!

Evening snacking- This is one of my biggest downfalls(appart from chocolate and cheese). I tend to sit mindlessly in front of the tv on a night and endlessly shove crap down my neck.

Eat more fruit and veg.

Drink more water- I did do really well with this a while back but it has slowly stopped again and I'm mostly drinking tea and coffee throughout the day.

I shall be weighing and measuring myself today and will weigh in once a week, re measure once a month.

If anyone has any hints/tips/recipes they'd like to share with me I'd be very grateful!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

what's new?

I was dreading the school holidays. 6 whole weeks! But, it's been fine. We went camping for a week in the Lakes and went down to Southport for a week. I was only going to stay for the weekend for another friends wedding, which was a great day, but decided to stay a bit longer. My friend moved to Southport in November. I miss her not being here. She was like my guardian angel when I was leaving my sons dad. She keeps asking me to move down near her. I'm in 2 minds about it though. Right now I'm not sure where I want to be.

I'm glad to say my health has improved greatly and I'm pretty much back to normal, whatever that is.

I had an interview with Victim Support to do some volunteer work and have had the dates through for the training. I'm quite looking forward to doing it.

We're away again this weekend then it's back to school for the boy.

I need to get myself back into a routine again. Sort the house out. Keep on top of things. Get back on the old dieting wagon. The garden needs sorting out. I need to look after myself better. It seems that everyone elses life is more important than mine, so I'm going to try and balance things out better. Oh and I need to spend less time online...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Dating Game...

Why is it so hard to meet someone??? Since becoming single, 3 years ago now, I have tried various ways to meet a new man and have failed!

Internet Dating- I have made quite a few 'friends' from dating sites, one has even invited me to his wedding next year. I went out with someone for about a month but it just wasn't happening for me. Then I met someone that had the potential to be 'Mr Right'. Unfortunately he had other priorities, and they didn't include me... Oh well, his loss ;)

Speed Dating- OMG! Such a funny evening. I actually went twice, to different venues. The first time I got so drunk I couldn't remember who everyone was and didn't fill in my like/dislike form until the end. I ended up with a 'friend'. The second time I made sure I filled in my form as the evening went along and not to drink so much. Again I got a 'friend'. Speed dating is fun but expensive and not worth it!

Drunken girls nights out- You know, you get dressed up and out on the pull. Drunken snogs and giving out your number. I've ended up with random texts now and again but nothing worth persuing(suprise suprise).

So what's a girl to do??

I give up anyway...

But if you know anyone ;)

Saturday, 14 August 2010


5 days camping in The Lakes. Campsite was Fisherground Campsite and was quite nice. The drive there for the last hour was pretty scary. The boy likened it to a rollercoaster ride. We were in the noisiest pitch by far though. Just behind our tent was a pond and play area. Most nights there were about 20 kids in there splashing, screaming, throwing mud at each other, it was so noisy. Toilet/shower block were up to scratch and cleaned twice a day. There was also a little steam train that stopped by the campsite every half an hour or so, which we went on pretty much all day one day. There wasn't an awful lot of things to do, unless you were into hiking, so we went out driving to places for days out. We went to South Lakes Animal Park which was a great day out, although it was quite expensive. There were days when we followed random signs which led to nothing. All in all though the holiday was good. The boy loved it and wants to go back again.